About Us


WONWAY GROUP has been a supplier of contamination & ESD control products and services since 1984 focusing on High-End Semiconductor Industries.


However, contamination & ESD control is not limited to any one particular industry, but applies to a broad spectrum of industries that requires Stringent Contamination Control Procedures such as; Biotechnology, Avionics, Multimedia, Wafer Fabrication, Armaments, Medical and Healthcare, Optical and Precision Equipment and many more


Throughout the years, WONWAY has been continuously expanding and kept growing to fulfil the overall needs of our customers. Today most subsidiaries of WONWAY GROUP are certified with ISO 9001 certification. The subsidiaries were set up in-line to provide a comprehensive contamination & ESD control supply chain. 

Our success is due to the focus of these five factors:

I.  Product Research and Development in liaison with raw material sources and customers
II.  In-House Design centre with Computer Aided Design (CAD) capability
III.  Skilled and experienced manpower
IV.  Continuous product quality improvement
V.   Accredited Laboratory


Our range of Cleanroom Products and Services:
  • Cleanroom Apparels and Accessories
  • Cleanroom / ESD Footwear
  • Cleanroom / ESD Glove
  • Cleanroom / ESD Packaging
  • Cleanroom Disposables
  • Cleanroom Engineering and ESD Control Equipment
  • Cleanroom Class 10 Laundry & Leasing Services
  • Cleanroom Projects
  • Ionizers

Our Goal

Recognizing that every single Cleanroom is unique and has special requirements, we are committed to be the leading ONE-STOP CLEANROOM TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER.